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Known for making some of the UK's most accurate rifles but at a fair and attainable price. We are also known for custom work for some of the UK's leading bespoke rifle brands who trust us with their clients rifles.

Our philosophy is quality at every stage. We value our clients as friends and provide a sensible pricing policy with short delivery times. 

Based near Cambridge, we also design and supply unique, efficient and lightweight rifle moderators and precisely engineered rails and accessories which reflect our passion to improve the total shooting experience; accuracy, noise, balance and handling.

Everything in harmony, with the clients requirements our priority.


Sensmart Guide Thermal Sale

Best deals in Guide thermal imaging spotters and rifle scope.


The TS450 features the largest lens in the Guide thermal riflescope range. A very serious thermal scope with incredible thermal sensitivity. Providing clear, sharp images and featuring a 3.3 – 13.2x digital zoom this unit is surprising simple to zero and operate, comes with an extended reach back mount.

  • Weight: 720g
  • Dimensions: 250x90x75mm
  • Focal length: 50mm / F1.2
  • Field of view: 7.5º x 5.6º

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uk thermal night vision

TrackIR T50 Thermal Spotter

The TrackIR TK50 features the largest lens of the Guide thermal spotter range. This makes it a perfect choice for either foxing or hill stalking giving high base magnification.

  • Weight: 535g
  • Dimensions: 214x65x71mm
  • Focal length: 50mm/F1.2
  • Field of view: 7.8º x 5.8º
  • Magnification: 3.3 - 13.2

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Guide thermal night vision monocular

TrackIR T35 Thermal Spotter

The TrackIR TK35 sits in the middle of the Guide thermal night vision spotter range. Arguably, the best choice for the generalist shooter and lowland stalker with both good magnification and field of view.

  • Weight: 485g
  • Dimensions: 192x65x71mm
  • Focal length: 35mm/F1.2
  • Field of view: 11.1º x 8.3º
  • Magnification: 2.3 - 9.2

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Recent GunWorks...

We deliver what the customer wants.


We deliver what the customer wants and not what we find convenient. In this case, a completely custom rifle built on the customers own action and stock. The client dictated the requirements and we built it; from the number, depth and length of the flutes to the colour scheme and trigger pull.

How is he getting on with it now? His average group size is 3mm centre to centre with 5 shots. We'll let that speak for itself.

HS Precision UK Importer. Incredible barrels, superb Stocks and rifles


HS Precision stocks are good looking, light, stiff, strong and are built around a full metal chassis so require no bedding.  

This rifle sports a PSS046 with a standard Remington 700 action  and barrel we fettled. We always have stocks ready to ship. All other HS Precision stocks and barrels are made to order - hence why we keep a good selection right here in the UK.

This build features the HS Precision Magpul Mag-System.

Custom stock variations are available to order, please see the HS Precision page on our website

Sometimes you just have to indulge yourself!


Our 6.5 PRC for deer stalking on the hill and in the counties. We needed something super accurate, with handling and looks but it also had to be practical. Choosing a Sako 85 Short Magnum as the donor we built something quite exceptional.

Custom rifle, custom barrel, Barrel fluting in-house, bedded action topped off with a Barton Gunworks 20moa picatinny rail. 

H-S Precision

Official UK Importer


H-S Precision have been building the highest quality Rifles and Composite Rifle Stocks for over 30 years and the first company to build a hand laminated composite rifle stock that incorporated a precision aluminum bedding block removing the need to bed the action.

Over 135 different rifle stock models. Available for Remington, Winchester, Savage, Cooper, Weatherby CZ, Howa, Sako, and Ruger.

All our prices included FREE shipping to mainland UK
All stocks listed are UK stock. Custom variations are available to order

Built for Mike Robinson. Renowned chef, hunter and wildfood guru.


Mike's trusty 243 Winchester Tikka T3- rebuilt!

A new, target-grade barrel featuring an ultralight profile with custom ceracote finish, Barton GunWorks Accurate Hunter Pro moderator and picatinny rail. Mike knows what he wants and this was delivered exactly as required.

We also supplied the moderators for Mike's, 'Farming the Wild' TV series.
An exceptional chef and restaurateur I would recommend anyone to sample one of Mike's culinary creations at  the Woodsman, Stratford-upon-Avon.

Good things come in three's...


Three 6.5 PRC custom rifles. All HS Precision barrels and stocks, built on various actions.

The 6.5 PRC is a 6.5 calibre on steroids. typically shooting a 143gr. bullet at speeds over 3100fps. It's a very capable deer round but just as suitable for long-range shooting, where down range energy surpasses many other calibres.

Have a custom rifle built by us, we supply the barrel spigot. Stamped with the specs to prove its origin and authenticity.

Latterly, we seem to be building a surprising number of its bigger brother too; the 300 PRC. An equally outstanding round at all ranges.

Gunsmith Services

Expertly executed

See our Services

We carry out a great deal of gunsmith work directly for the general public but also for other gunmakers and gunshops. If you wish your local shop to ship us your rifle, we are happy to do that and work with them.

We recognise that owners often wish to maximise the accuracy of a factory rifle. At Barton Gunworks we offer a range of gunsmith services to improve or alter your rifles handling or performance to suit your needs.

Classic Accuracy International - Fabulous new barrel.


A rare 1996 Accuracy international AT (before the AW was out but to all intents it is an AW) AI confirm this rifles rarity and 'oddness'. The stock is button touch adjustable, designed for special forces usage.

The original 308 barrel has been stored (it's an abosulte tack-driver, but it would be a shame to continue to use it) and in its place we put a HS Precision barrel. Re-chambered in 260 Ackley we like what it does. Putting out 2940fps from a 147gr. match bullet at the muzzle – Wow, what a round, what a rifle.

Total Gunsmithing with a one-off floor plate and trigger guard


Total Gunsmithing. Full custom rifle, one-off floor plate and trigger guard for a Winchester model 70 action chambered in 6.5PRC. The new owner can use detachable magazines with bullets loaded to reach the lands.

HS Precision Stock (PST052) and barrel.

From threading and crowning...


Threading, shortening and re-crowning. The most important part of any rifle as its the last chance the rifle has to impact the travel of the bullet. A good crown is the making of a great rifle.

To making die-sets cut from the chamber reamer.


A custom neck die from the same chamber reamer as the barrel provides the perfect fit for your fired cases and total concentricity, another key to accuracy.

Rifle Moderators

Compact, lightweight, accurate, & efficient

View the range
Our rifle moderators are manufactured and assembled in the UK. The unique baffle system attenuates muzzle blast but minimises barrel length. A bushless design reduces the chance of marring the rifle barrel, the rear of the moderator is shaped to reduce glare when using a rifle mounted lamp or night vision system.

The whole system is designed to be efficient and light, perfect for those situations where you wish to keep weight to a minimum. Each of our moderators has been designed to compliment particular calibers and requirements without compromising effectiveness.
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Picatinny Rails & Rings

Engineered in the UK to military spec

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Picatinny rails designed for Anschutz, Remington, Savage, Sako & CZ rifles.

Barton GunWorks military-standard Picatinny rails are designed for owners who wish to achieve the most accuracy from their scope and rifle set-up. Our affordably-priced rail is a true MIL-STD-1913 design, extends the length of the action and features an inclined base.

Barton GunWorks scope rings are precision engineered for a perfect fit onto any, genuine mil-spec picatinny rail.

All our prices included FREE shipping to mainland UK RFD

Barton GunWorks Video Reel

A selection of Barton Gunworks videos, or videos featuring our products.

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